Welvanpas, Wellington


Trail Info:

Come and experience the beauty you never knew existed in the Western Cape before! The trail is challenging, but rewarding. Stop at the top of the climbs to absorb it all. The reward for your effort is fast, technical single track with breathtaking views! The route starts and ends at Welvanpas farm which is nestled between the beautiful Hawekwa and Groenberg mountain ranges. It is mainly single track and winds through orchard, vineyard, waterfalls and pristine fynbos. It takes you up high unto Groenberg, before a descending steep, technical section down to the Kromme River. Here you can choose the challenging, very steep finish towards the river or an (equally) challenging chicken run. Hereafter it runs on the banks of the tranquil stream through a natural forest. The second part of the route takes you towards Bainskloof Pass, up a thigh-testing single track climb and finally back towards Welvanpas Farm, on single track carved into the steep slopes of the Bainskloof foothills.

Trail Pics

Forest section on the Welvanpas MTB Trail, Wellington Bridge section on the Welvanpas MTB Trail, Wellington